The films

AM Wedding Stories is an award winning duo of brothers.  Eric and Chris use the latest technology, and offer 2 filmmakers to capture every detail on your day.  We create Ultra-High Definition 4k Films with breathtaking slow motion and HD audio captured throughout the day.

Our Vintage Super 8mm Film Package brings on real Kodak motion picture film, processed in the top lab in California, giving a lively authenticity and feel that cannot be replicated any other way.

For delivery we offer online streaming, a pine heirloom cigar box housing your Blu-Rays or DVDs with your names and wedding date custom engraved; and a wooden USB drive with your film.


The Brothers

Eric (left) and Chris (right) at a hot air balloon show in the early 90s.

Eric (left) and Chris (right) at a hot air balloon show in the early 90s.

As brothers, we come from a long line of image-capturers.  Whether it was dad shooting his Canon AE-1 out of helicopters in Korea, mom with her Pentax K1000 between classes at Penn State, or grandpa with his big vhs camera slung over his shoulder circa Christmas '93, capturing incredible, meaningful images is in our DNA.  Now, we're both married to our wonderful wives.  Those days were the most impactful, hectic, beautifully irreplaceable days in our lives.  So when you allow us to create your wedding film, you can know that we've felt the feels we put into your film.